Jenny grew up with a pen in her hand, drawing every day. Her only subject? Portraits of women. She continued studying fine art all through college and when she realized her thorough artistic knowledge of faces gave her a deep understanding for beauty, she went straight into Cosmetology and Esthetics.

For over a decade Jenny has worked exclusively as a fashion and celebrity makeup & hair artist and is sought after for her signature glowing beach babe looks. Jenny Bowker Makeup

Discovering Microblading in 2015 opened a whole new door for Jenny’s specific mastery of faces. She brings her incredible eye for detail to each set of brows, and can instantly envision the perfect brow shape, color and style for any face, all while keeping the clients preferences at the forefront.

From an extremely young age the concept of beauty has fascinated Jenny so deeply that she has dedicated her life to giving women the gift of self confidence. Microblading gives the gift of time every morning as well as the amazing feeling of loving the way you look every day with so much less effort.


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