• Day 1-4:    Wash brows gently with mild cleanser 2x / day and pat dry with paper towel. (Brows will appear bold and dark during this period.) 
  • Day 4-14:     Avoid direct contact with water as much as possible other than washing. If brows get wet, dry with paper towel. Apply a pea sized drop of mild, unscented face lotion (such as Cetaphil Lotion) to brows 2-3x/day. Or the healing gel you were given by Jenny.  Brows will be peeling and flaking during this period. Do not pick at them.
  • Day 15-30:     Continue moisturizing routine as well as applying sunscreen to the brows. Brows will appear light, patchy and possibly slightly grey toned during this time, this is normal. The tattoo is hidden below new, fresh skin and it will continue to bloom up until 6 weeks after your appointment.


  • Soaking or steaming brows.
  • Applying any cosmetics or makeup to the brows.
  • Facials, chemical peels, or sun exposure.
  • Sweating heavily for the first 7 days. (ABSOLUTELY NO HOT YOGA.)
  • Picking or scratching your brows while they are healing.
  • Sleeping on your brows for the first week if possible (sorry stomach sleepers).


  • Slight Itchiness while healing is normal.
  • Brows go from too dark, to patchy, to too light before the final look has set in at about 4 weeks from appointment.
  • Don’t panic during the peeling stage, it is normal for color to appear to be lost during this time, it is only below the new skin.
  • Microblading is a two step process, your touch up appointment is just as important as your initial appointment.
  • Natural looking brows are created over two appointments, be patient and trust the process!



  • Day of tattoo: Wipe lips every 30 minutes with baby wipes or damp paper towels to remove lymph fluid, this prevents scabbing during healing. If swelling is present you may ice the day of tattoo only. A bag of frozen peas wrapped in paper towel works well.
  • Day 1-3 : Avoid spicy food, lemon, vinegar, kissing, whitening toothpaste, and anything potentially irritating for the fresh skin. Drink dark or hot liquids through a straw.
  • Day 1-7 : Apply Restore balm or A&D ointment lightly throughout the day, do not pick at flakes (usually flaking begins around day 3-4)
  • During flaking color will look patchy, please be patient, it will soften and become even once healed.
  • you may apply any/all other lip products 10 days after your tattoo.
  • Color may look much lighter for the first 1-2 weeks after flaking, do not panic, color is only being hidden by new skin regenerating over top. This skin will naturally exfoliate off and your color will ‘bloom’ into a sheer tint 30-50% lighter than immediately after procedure.
  • Avoid laser treatment on face for 8 weeks after tattoo, and be sure to tell your laser technician that you have lip blush tattoo so they avoid any contact.
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