Rates + Services



(includes one touch-up within 2 months)

  • BROW REHAB – $800

For correction of previous microblading or solid brows by a different artist. Before booking you must email photos of your current brows and we will get back to you with options for moving forward with brow rehab. 

 Includes two initial appointments, first to camouflage previous tattoo, perfect the new brow design and one 6 week touch up.

  • ADDITIONAL TOUCH UP  under 3 months from initial- $100

( For current Bow Brow Clients only within 8 weeks of included touch up)

Depending on your skin type, aftercare and lifestyle you may need more than one touch up for desired results, however most people will have desired results with the one included touch up.

  • 6-8 MONTH TOUCH UP – $200
  • 9-12 MONTH TOUCHUP – $300

Shading is an additional $50 per appointment. 


  • SMOKEY LASH – $400

Includes one 6 week touch up if needed

Not recommended for very sensitive eyes. Subtle lash line enhancement creates the look of a dense, thick lash line using a digital cosmetic tattoo machine. More natural than traditional permanent eyeliner, we deposit pigment between lashes instead of above. Smokey Lash lasts up to two years!


  • LIP BLUSH $500 

Includes one 6 week touch up if needed

Lip Blush gives you the look of healthy flushed lips, corrects asymmetry and adds fullness.

I custom blend your perfect shade to be undetectable and flattering to your skin tone and undertones. A digital tattoo machine is used to gently micropgment the lips.

Pain level is usually a 2 out of 10. Lip Blush lasts 1-3 years depending on skin.


  • THE TOTAL PACKAGE $1100 ($50 Savings)

Microblading, Smokey Lash and Lip Flush including 6 week touch ups

The best way to wake up and go, looking awake and polished! These three services make an incredible difference in the overall look of the face by adding balance, definition and healthy color without looking or feeling like makeup. Save time and look perfect from hot yoga to the beach.


  • Microblading & Lash Line $1000 ($50) Savings


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